CEDIA 2009: DF Solutions home AV solution with last.fm included


The DF Solutions multimedia set ups is one of those things you just wished you owned. Sadly, 99% of us never will. It’s a pretty similar solution to the Kaleidescape products we’ve seen before. This time it’s a 1TB HDD solution that’ll play and upscale video to Full HD.

The base unit, known as the Base, supports up to 17 audio outputs and you also attach link units, known as Links, to bring visual joy to other all sorts of other rooms in your palace as well.

You can store some kind of epic number of CDs and DVDs (20,000 and 3,000) and play back all the important video files – H.264(MPEG-4), wmv, avi, mpg, asf, qt, mov – but the real boon is the internet connection which brings you all the usual YouTube, Amazon, Google, Flickr widgetry plus the recent addition of last.fm too.

It’s all connected up by cat5 cables and has an absolute dream of an interface known as iDyl. It has to be seen to be appreciated. It’s like a sliding wall of all your media with just the right amount of information offered at just the right times.

As for the price, well, if you’ve got ask, then you can’t afford and I forgot to ask so we’ll never but perhaps by virtue of not asking then it means that I can afford it?

Sadly, I’m not sure the logic works the other way around.

DF Solutions