YouTube adds annotations to list of features, unfortunately it's incredibly annoying


Noticed anything different about YouTube? Something…kind of annoying? In the last 24 hours they’ve rolled out a new feature, ‘video annotations’, that allows the uploader of a video to place text over the clip, similar to that of Hiroyuki Nishimura’s Nico Nico Douga video site, which Wired wrote about recently.

However, the chat bubbles and links can only be added by the account-holder, meaning your videos thankfully aren’t in danger of disappearing due to huge amounts of annoying text littering the screen. The links embedded within the video hot-link to other YouTube videos, creating memes. Embedded videos on other sites, like we often do here at Tech Digest, won’t display the text, and unfortunately when you do click on a link, the video stops and starts, halting your viewing of small dogs dressed in tutus…