Spore fans in uproar create DRM protest species


Users within Will Wright’s latest game, Spore, have been creating creatures protesting the game’s draconian DRM measures. The animals, pictured above, are rapidly populating the Universe of user-generated-creatures online. Although it’s certainly not the strangest thing we’ve seen within the menagerie of creatures brought to life by the game, there’s a certain charm to these shambling monstrosities…

World Wildlife Fund sets up Conservation Island on Second Life

second_life_logo.jpgThe World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has today set up a virtual island on Second Life, designed to allow residents to live in harmony with its friendly wild animal population.

“Conservation Island” includes Mr Tangee, an orangutan with an ice-cream van (exactly how wild is that supposed to be?), and guide pandas who show people around the wind-powered town.

“WWF set up the island as a way to help people learn about conservation issues and the need to live sustainably. We want to be able to show people that WWF has solutions to the real environmental issues affecting their ‘first life’,” said WWF’s David Cole.

Style yourself ghetto-fabulous and abuse yourself crazy with Tomy's Mock U Rapper toys

mock_u_rappers5.jpg If you don’t get abused enough as is in the office environment, then the sadists amongst us will be probably wanting to head over to the Tomy website to pick up one of their new Mock U Rapper toys.

Choose between birds, monkeys or cows, who are all sat in trees bizarrely, and simply record a short message into the device, then et voila! The animals…