Be the hostess with the mostess with an airline food trolley


Frequent flyer? Want the airline experience in your home? Then you might fancy a “Vintage Airline Food Cart”. It’s got ‘authentic dents and scratches’, as well as a retractable serving tray, 14 tracks for drawers or shelves (which cost extra) and a magnetic latch closure. There’s also pedal-operated wheel locks.

It measures 41″ x 12″ x 15″ and costs a rather mighty $1450. Shipping to the UK will be even more. What would you do with it, though? Indulge your air hostess fantasies? Ideas in the comments.

(via @emimusicpubuk)

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easyJet go green

They may be known for their garish orange but Stelios seems to fancy a colour change – his budget airline has unveiled a new fuel efficient plane, The Ecojet.

It’s not just a normal flyer with better fuel efficiency, this has two open rotor jet engines at the back of the airplane, which, according to the firm, improve the overall performance of the plane. The wings are swept forward to reduce drag and the body is made with lightweight carbon fibre to reduce the overall weight…