Eee 900 battery issue not as bad as first thought, only five people complained to ASUS apparently


In his video review of the Eee 900, Dan noted that he was slightly disappointed with the battery life. Several other people have also commented on this downfall in the otherwise-amazing sub-notebook, causing ASUS to generously offer a brand new, better battery, for just £10.

However, when I spoke to an anonymous source at ASUS this morning, I was told that only five people had complained to the company about the battery life, so either everyone has very low expectations on a laptop’s battery life (I know I have, after many bad experiences with machines); only five people own an Eee 900; or everyone is using the little fella connected to a power source…

ASUS updates Eee 900 with new motherboard, dubs thee Eee 901


The Eee 900 has been out for just a week, however ASUS has declared it’s time for an update. Meet the 901, which has slight changes to its exterior, and a new Intel Atom chip buried within the 8.9″ sub-notebook.

Other changes include several metal finishings to the casing, including on the screen hinge (which is also lacking the power button now), on the keyboard, and trackpad, plus two microphones. One other thing worth noting…