Twitter Teacher faces invesigation after posting 38 tweets a day


A teacher, who tweeted while she taught, is to be investigated her employers after the Bute-based high school teacher posted up to 38 updates per day.

“Had S3 period 6 for the last 2 years…don’t know who least wants to do anything, them or me,” read one tweet.

“Have three Asperger’s boys in S1 class – never a dull moment! Always offer an interesting take on things,” read another. Argyll and Bute council have a policy of blocking all social networking sites in its schools.

It is thought that the unnamed teacher used her phone to send updates.
A council spokeswoman said: “Social networking sites are blocked in all schools as policy. This has always been the case and applies to all council staff and not just teaching staff.”

“The teacher in question is not facing disciplinary action, although the council is looking into the matter,” she added.

Even though the timing of posts appeared to coincide with school hours; “Depute came in while I was logging on.” Surely they’re at least going to confiscate her phone till the end of term!