VIDEO: LG Chocolate II promo video appears online

Ladies, gentlemen, it’s time to get hot. A promo video of for the next gen LG Chocolate – apparently known as the BL40 – has found its way onto the internet. It looks good. It looks really good. See for yourself.

There’s no arguing with a 4-inch touchscreen and one in a 21:9 aspect and 800 x 345 resolution, at that. It’s multi-touch and scratch resistant but it’s all for nothing if it’s as dead as a doornail. I’ve seen some awesome looking handsets ruined the minute you actually try them in the flesh but if LG has really got its act together here, if they’ve done their touchscreen homework, then there’s little doubt their fourth Black Label handset is going to be a winner.

Perhaps the only other shadow for me is over the OS and UI. Never been a huge fan of what they made the Arena and Viewty Smart but perhaps they’ve upped the anti this time around. Could this be LG’s first really serious smartphone?

(via Engadget)