SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: 3M MPro 110 projector

I’ve been playing around with 3M’s MPro 110 projector for a couple of weeks now, and I’m not sure what it’s for. It will throw a (small) picture onto a wall in a dark room, sure, but it seems to be built to be portable. The problem is that I can’t see a situation that you’ll encounter on a regular basis where this thing will be useful.

Even in lights-down conditions, it simply isn’t bright enough for you to see what’s going on – a pitch-black room would be fine, but on-the-move – where this product is intended to be used – you’re not going to run into those conditions.

Basically, what I’m saying is that I don’t have a real problem with the product (beyond the cable length issue mentioned in the video) – I just don’t see any demand for it. I guess that’s 3M’s problem, not mine. It can be yours (the product, not the problem) for £299, and it’s available now.

The "Secret Book Camera" that operates using old fashioned 110 camera film


Here’s a fantastic Christmas present idea for any friends who still read books or work as librarians – a camera that’s disguised as a book. Disguised as an extremely unrealistic little book, but still. It’d do for someone who likes books and therefore must also like book-related items.

Incredibly, it’s a proper camera. Proper as in it uses film, like in the old days. Recording your memories to old 110 format camera film, buying a Secret Book Camera means never having to feel memory card size anxiety again.

A little window opens in the front to let the view in. The film then records…