@IvyBean104 is the oldest Tweeter in town


Meet Ivy Bean – self-professed Deal or No Deal nut and, as of today, the world’s oldest Tweeter.

At 103 she’s already become oldest cat on Facebook after hearing she could trump a 97-year-old French lady thought to be the social network age crown holder. So, now Ivy’s taking to the world of mircoblogging in between meals, naps and, of course, outside of Deal or No Deal time. If you’d like to follow her updates, she’s signed up as @IvyBean104 just to confuse you. Ivy’s already amassed 1,466 followers and is fully versed in all tweeting skills after a crash course from Geek Squad.

You don’t know how tempted I am to start a @HollyBush105 and start tweeting about Noel Edmonds and his sexy beard. I’m not nice person. Can’t help it.

(via Yorkshire Post)