ASUS Eee 1000H reviewed by Laptop Mag, is "least Eee-like Eee yet"


Since the Eee 1000H was first announced by ASUS, many have been left wondering if it really counts as a sub-notebook, or netbook, if you will. At 10″ in size, and $649 in price, it’s not far off a normal sized – and priced – laptop.

If you can forgive ASUS for those two points, you will find yourself with an amazing notebook by the sounds of things, with Laptop Mag claiming it’s “the least Eee-like Eee yet”, however “the most productive”, and that “everything’s gravier than past models, ‘cept the price”. Worth pointing out is that the battery life seems much improved upon, with the reviewer getting 4 hours and 28 minutes when connected to Wi-Fi!…