SEAT and Noveto working on personalised in-car sound system

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Car manufacturer SEAT and tech firm Noveto are working on a new technology that they claim will enable sound from audio devices to be beamed straight to the ears of the driver or passengers.

Dispensing with the need for traditional speakers and headphones, it’s hoped the new technology will provide a personalised high-quality audio experience to individuals within a car without isolating them from their surroundings or disrupting others within the vehicle.

In the environment of a vehicle interior, it could enable parents sitting in the front of the car to listen to their choice of music while the kids in the back listen to their onscreen entertainment, all at the same time, and without the need for headphones.

The Barcelona-based vehicle manufacturer, SEAT, and innovator in sound perception, Noveto, are working together to integrate this technology within a SEAT vehicle.

Assigning a dedicated team to work on the project with SEAT, Noveto has developed the world’s first “dynamic focused sound” which it claims will revolutionise the way we experience sound.

Says SEAT Digital Officer Fabian Simmer.

“Applying this new technology will enable us to open a world of possibilities for privately owned vehicles, and especially for shared vehicles. Being able to share your car and maintain your privacy is certainly a challenge that seems increasingly achievable, with solutions like the one proposed by Noveto which we hope to feature in our vehicles.”

Adds Brian Wallace, CEO of Noveto:

“SEAT’s history of leading innovation in automobile market make them an ideal partner to help us accelerate the integration of Noveto’s revolutionary technology into the car. Both companies have a shared vision for how Noveto’s proprietary technology can help SEAT continue to maintain this leadership position while helping to transform the transform the driving experience for SEAT’s customers for the better.”

This recently launched project stems from XPLORA, an initiative aimed at promoting relations with new technology and mobility-related Israeli startups and stakeholders. The collaboration with Noveto is the first of eight business opportunities that SEAT has been entertaining since June this year.

The team has made successful progress in terms of selecting projects and partners that could become a real opportunity to generate solutions applicable to SEAT vehicles.

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