TrackItBack stickers for finding lost gadgets


TrackItBack stickers have a freephone line listed on them and a code unique to you, so that if you lose your mobile, PDA, etc, some kindly stranger can ring up and let be known what’s become of your stuff, without actually having the kindly stranger show up on your doorstep with your digital camera full of incriminating pictures of you Vogue-ing while you watch a bootleg of Superman Returns. $13 USD (depending on the size) for the regular ones, or $15 USD for the more decorative variety. [GT]

TrackItBack [via Chip Chick]

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Camille Dumas
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  • There is another service that provides such labels. Their label came FREE with my Palm, so check if the new gadget you purchased has their label, too. I am carrying my Palm around more easily now that I have this label on it. Otherwise their labels start at $9.95 and come with 10 years of service.

  • There are another 2 companies that have similar service too. and too.

    One thing I like is that provides an anti theft software something very different from others that just have labels, which in my opinion still depend on the honesty of the person who found it.

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