Scientists develop a 3D image cube: not quite HDTV yet

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We’ve already seen the gCubik from Japanese researchers, and now Chinese boffins have come up with the LED Cube, an early prototype which could lead on to 3D imaging.

Currently using 1,000 LEDs supported by Plexiglass, low resolution video is transmitted to the Cube’s microchip, which then controls the individual diodes to create the required pattern…

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What's worse than watching a U2 concert? Watching one in 3D!

Katherine Hannaford Home cinema Leave a Comment

People are still listening to U2?! What, are they deaf?!

Maybe they just like ground-breaking events, like the publicity stunt the band will throw in late January next year in the US. ‘U2 3D’ is the first three-dimensional full-length concert film that’s ever been made, supposedly…

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