Beer dispenser can chill your lager, be disguised as blender

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Easily hidden from your disapproving estrogen-laden other half, this beer dispenser has been disguised to look just like a blender.

Simply fill up the chiller compartment with ice-cubes, and then you can decant four pints’ worth of beer (or whatever alcoholic beverage you’d prefer to get you in the mood for a Club Tropicana singalong). Just…

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Wake up to the delightful sounds of a woman's orgasm, with the Orgasmo Clock

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Now, chances are, you’re not getting a whole lot of action in bed. Why do I say that? Well, you’re reading a post about an Orgasmo clock. Withdrawal symptoms, much?

When the alarm rudely awakens you at 6.40am to get you up on the tube in time, no longer will you have to listen to the harsh…

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