WhipCar launches the world's first online neighbour-to-neighbour car rental service

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There are plenty of online car rental services, but here's one with a twist: rather than renting a company car from a car pool, WhipCar lets you come to an agreement with Mr Jones next door and take his car…

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Villagers in Rutland build own high-speed broadband service

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Villagers in Rutland, so fed up of their snail-paced broadband speeds, have taken matters into their own hands after service providers such as BT said that it was not economically viable to provide the area with a network upgrade. After…

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Twit4Hire – a company who'll Twitter on your behalf, for cash

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I can understand people not having the time to update a blog. To grow a blog properly it needs time, effort and careful feeding of the community. A Twitter account, on the other hand, requires considerably less effort – 140 characters, perhaps twice a day? Well, if even that’s too much for you or your business, then Twit4Hire is the company for you.

It’s targeting business who want to “get on the Twitter” but haven’t got a clue how to go about it. Or they might have a clue, but can’t spare the resources. Either way, Twit4Hire will sit there and chat to legions of followers about nothing your business on your behalf.

I’m not sure I could recommend employing Twit4Hire. Do it yourself. For top tips on how best to use Twitter for marketing and PR, visit this handy site, instead.

Twit4Hire (via TechRadar)

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HP to focus on Internet opportunities and software

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Hewlett Packard has announced that it’s going to be downsizing the scale of its research operations, and focus upon Internet opportunities and software.

Globally, HP is working on around 150 small projects, but that number is set to fall to around twelve.

HP’s chief executive, Mark Hurd, said that the move was “a big deal” for the company, saying that they were “placing fewer, bigger bets”.

They’ll focus on the likes of Earth-friendly computing, handling digitised information, and providing online services.

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