HTC S730: mobile for text and email-heavy users whilst on the go

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The third mobile launched today by HTC is a follow-up to the successful S710 from a few months back, which allows for smart usage whilst on the run.

Microsoft Office Mobile applications such as Word are complimented well by the slide-out qwerty keyboard, and push-email means you’ll never need another excuse for not replying to that all-important email. Or, err, confirming a Facebook friend request.

HTC have rebranded the homepage as Home, and updated it, so it resembles the HTC Touch easy-to-use…

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HTC Touch Dual: the popular Touch now has a slide-out keyboard and 3.5G connectivity

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alt="HTC-TOUCH-DUAL.jpg" src="" width="107" height="244" />I just got back from the swanky HTC launch at Kensington Roof Gardens in London, where the smartphone company launched not one, but four new mobiles.

Included in the new range is the HTC Touch Dual, the follow-up to the successful Touch which launched back in June of this year. According to HTC…

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Manx Telecom offers Mobile Downloads service on superfast 3.5G network

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manx_telecom_logo.gifWe often credit (and drool at) Japan with having the most advanced technology, and bemoaning the lack of such gadgetry in the UK, but you don’t have to look so far away to find cutting edge technology and services.

Manx Telecom, which serves the Isle of Man, has just launched a converged content delivery service called Mobile Downloads, which will enable its 75,000-strong subscriber base to purchase, download, and consume music from both mobile devices and PCs, thanks to the new iO Mobile Experience Platform.

Manx claims to be the first operator in the world to deliver such a service from iO global, having also credited as the first in the world to launch a 3.5G mobile service.

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