Microsoft could be about to make GoPro videos AMAZING

Check out this video from Microsoft Research, which has come up with a technology that it calls “Hyperlapse” – which could make videos shot on devices like GoPro cameras look even better.


The problem is pretty straightforward: If you shoot your bike ride or whatever on a GoPro, if you speed it up to show the whole journey it will appear really shaky: So what can be done?

Using some very clever image processing and mathematics, Microsoft has managed to generate smoother videos. You have to watch it to see it:

The way it works is pretty damn clever: It analyses your video and picks out as much data as it can, before reconstructing your journey as a 3D model, which it can then send a virtual camera through much more smoothly than you could ever have managed on your bike.

At the moment this is only a technical demo – but don’t be surprised if this tech finds its way to consumers in the future.

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James O'MalleyMicrosoft could be about to make GoPro videos AMAZING