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Motorola in line to make the Google Nexus 5 / Nexus 4 2?

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moto-x-top.jpgGoogle may be looking to Motorola, not LG, to make the Google Nexus 5 smartphone, the successor to the LG-built Google Nexus 4.

That's according to reliable Android pundit Taylor Wimberly, formerly of AndroidandMe.

"Motorola will release a Nexus smartphone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X)," says Wimberly on his Google+ page, as picke up by the AndroidCommunity site.

Keeping his sources close to his chest, can Wimberly's claims be trusted? There's certainly reason to believe so.

With Motorola now owned by Google, there's a strong link between the two companies, with Motorola now seen as the hardware test bed for Google's grand ideas. With the companies tied so closely together, it's a safe bet to assume Motorola are intimately involved with Google's future smartphone plans.

There's also the precedent set by the Nexus line in the past - Google have had no qualms about shifting the Nexus build duties between a number of companies, including LG, Samsung and HTC. It wouldn't be unheard of for them to shift it to another company again.

And yet, if you look at Motorola's expected product schedule at the moment, it's already incredibly busy. A Motorola Nexus 5 in Q4 would come hot on the heels of last week's Moto X (pictured above) reveal, not to mention the line of Droid handsets the company are working on for Verizon in the states. This one could swing either way.

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  • newsjunkieintl

    No surprises about release date. Everybody knows the Nexus 5 was going to be Q4. Taylor Wimberly guessing Q4 is nothing. I've been saying that long before him, ever since people were expecting it in May at I/O or saying there would be no Nexus phone this year.

    Of all 4 past Nexus, the #2, #3, #4 were released in Q4 -- in November and December. (#1 was the outlier, in January.) The last two were "announced" in October, then released in November. It will happen again this year.

    Other evidence point to the LG G2 being the Nexus 5. I hope Taylor Wimberly is wrong, Don't be surprised if LG trots out a Nexus and this whole Motorola thing (I hope) is a false rumor.

  • fteoOpty648

    Well LG already "got it". They mnaged to make really good phone these days based on their innovation and technical skills. Moto would really need such mojo to boost the interest in their handsets. Would want to see moto getting a larger chunk of the market share plus many compelling models of various sizes.

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