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Top 12 great SimCity alternatives: Tropico 4, Theme Hospital and more!

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sim-city-alt-banner.jpgToday, we'd intended on posting our review of the long-awaited SimCity, the 2013 revamp of one of the most revered god game series of all time. However, if you've been watching news on SimCity closely, you'll know that the game's always-online requirements have been causing havoc and preventing players from building their cities. That includes us - we've yet been able to have substantial time with the game in order to put a review together to our usual standards.

So, to tide you over while you wait for our review (and possibly while you too wait to get into a game of the crippled SimCity yourselves) here are 12 of our favourite god games as SimCity alternatives!

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  • Luke

    Rollercoaster tycoon 2. In my opinion, it's better that RCT3.

  • Civilization 5. There is quite a bit more than building up a city, of course, but city management is a pretty big thing.

  • Gerald Lynch

    I had considered putting in Civ 5! But something about its city-building aspects always feel secondary. In retrospect, it's an oversight on my behalf - I'll add it in a bit later when I get a chance!

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