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Downton Abbey hits the SNES... sort of

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If you could turn any current TV show into a SNES-era RPG adventure, what would you choose? Breaking Bad maybe? How about Game of Thrones? Drugs and fantasy though - we've got our fill of those with GTA and Skyrim, right?

I'm after something a little more genteel. Something with a little more dignity, and 100% more tailcoat action.

I want Downton Abbey: The Game.

And, thanks to artist Bill Kiley (and without the aid of a time machine) we've got a glimpse of just what that 16-bit hit would have looked like.

From cigar hunting fetch quests to spoon-identifying mini-games, it'd have been a sure-fire Call of Duty beater. And listen to that chiptune soundtrack! I think I've just found myself a new ring tone. Hilarious stuff - check it out in the video above.

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