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Spy photo shows iPhone 5 snuggled up with 4S

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iphone5_Kitguru-580-75.jpegWanna grab a quick glimpse of the iPhone 5? Then here seems to be your best chance yet, as fresh spy shots this morning seem to show an iPhone 5 sitting next to old man iPhone 4S.

Sat next to each other, the supposed iPhone 5 sports a far larger screen, pushed out to the edge of the bezel. On the whole the phone looks much longer, with a candy-bar shape that means its width doesn't take on Galaxy Note style proportions.

Of course, as ever these images have to be taken with a pinch of salt. It'd be pretty easy to knock out a chassis like the one seen here and pop a legit iPhone 4S next to it.

What's particularly interesting about this leak though is the fact that the source page for the images have now been taken down. Perhaps Apple have spotted it and got spooked; their secret handset may well have just been uncovered.

Via: Engadget

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  • The screen of iPhone 5 is much more bigger than the old ones. I think it has the same dimension with Samsung galaxy s3.

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