Sega and Konami donate toys to Japanese earthquake kids

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japan_1848393c.jpgLast month’s Tohoku earthquake left thousands of Japanese kids with little more than just the clothes on their backs, with their homes, belongings and (in many cases) lives destroyed.

A continued aid effort from forces around the world are attempting to bring adult residents a semblance of normality back, but what of the kids who just want to play on their Gameboys or PlayStations (as revealed by the Mainichi Newspaper )?

Low power supplies mean that games consoles are probably a long way off yet, but 26 companies including gaming giants Konami, Bandai, and Sega are donating four ten-ton trucks worth of toys, clothing and stationary to the homeless children.

Though food and shelter may be the highest priority right nowm there’s no denying that the smiles a few toys will raise will go a long way too.

Via: Kotaku

By Gerald Lynch | April 4th, 2011