HTC Hero (er, sorry, G1 Touch) prices on T-Mobile

Daniel Sung Mobile phones 7 Comments

G1-Touch.JPGWhile HTC was making a song and dance over the Hero, T-Mobile launched their own version of the same handset only in black and with a name noticeably devoid of the actual manufacturer – the T-Mobile G1 Touch. I wonder if Peter Chou and his men have scratched HTC somewhere on it in very small letters?

The important difference – apart from the colour, obvs – is that T-Mobile has got some prices for us. It’s available for free – good start – from £40 a month on Flext which gives you £225 of effective credit to spend on any mix of UK and international calls and texts, picture messages, 08 numbers, voicemail and includes “unlimited” data.


By Daniel Sung | June 24th, 2009

  • Ko0lHaNDLuKe

    Really looking forward to this, looks really good…
    Do we know when it will be in T-Mobile shops so I can have a play around with one?

  • GeeGee McGee

    Ummm Don’t you mean the G2 Touch ?

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