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Sony announce UK pricing for first PS3 games

sony-ps3.jpgRegardless of what's inside the PS3, it's still gonna play games, and Sony has announced pricing for first-party PS3 games and downloadable content.

Discs will cost £39.99, the same price as Nintendo Wii games, and a tenner less than Xbox 360 games.

Downloadable content from the PlayStation Network will start at €0.99 (about 66p) - typically this will be add-on content such as SingStar tracks or MotorStorm packs. Sony will also be selling games such as BlastFactor and Tekken 5 for an introductory rate of between €2.99 (£2) and €9.99 (£6.70).

David Reeves from Sony said, "Not only will it be completely free to register on the PlayStation Network with no subscription fees and access to many free demos, but with these competitive prices for additional content we are able to offer the consumer both top quality games on Blu-ray discs and a whole range of downloadable content. With over 30 first and third party disc and network games available at launch, we are confident that this will be one of the most successful launches of all time."

Not everyone agrees with that, of course.

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