Smallest ever GPS watch

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GPS-endowed wrist watches always sound like a great idea in theory. But alas in practice they are usually so huge that you inevitably strain a minor muscle or two picking your wrist up to look at the data.

I might yet be convinced by the Suunto X9i, which the maker claims is the smallest and lightest wristop computer with GPS and from the pic it seems much more slight than normal.

Aimed more at serious super fit athlete types than trad GPS systems, the X9i also features a variety of apps that enable the user to track their current speed and distance etc.

Even cooler is the, ahem, Hansel and Gretel mode (our name, sadly not theirs), which instantly explains to the user where they have come from and how they can back there. Users can also hook up the device to a PC and download digital maps on to it.

Other features include an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, thermometer, and an extensive memory.  Oh, and it tells the time too. It is on sale now for £350. More from here

By (Display Name not set) | October 10th, 2005