Tritton's true 5.1 headphone set

Chris Cornwell Computers Leave a Comment

Ua501_side3Drooool…this looks pretty sweet. Tritton has released a new USB headphone set. What makes this one a little special compared to it’s brethren is that it offers real 5.1 surround sound (none of that sneaky surround emulation stuff). Each pod has four speakers in it, a front speaker, centre speaker, rear speaker and subwoofer with vibration effect.  The headphones come with an external 5.1 encoder and a mîcrophone, and so should be perfect for you counter-strike junkies wanting to hear baddies sneaking up on you. The set retails for $74 in the states: word on the UK release as soon as we get it.

via Everything USB

By Chris Cornwell | May 27th, 2005