Darwinia confirmed for Xbox Live Arcade!

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Apparently it would be a complete dereliction of duty if we didn’t tell you about this… Darwinia has been confirmed as a forthcoming addition to Xbox Live Arcade. In its new guise, Darwinia +, it’ll come as a two game bundle, including the critically acclaimed strategy game and Multiwinia (the multiplayer version, funnily enough).

Rez HD finally coming to Xbox Live this Wednesday

rez-hd-xbox-360-release.jpgIf you’re a bit old, like SEGA and remember all the Good Old Days of gaming, you’ve more than likely been hitting F5 on the internet for months, waiting for news about Rez HD’s launch date to arrive.

The game’s a bit of a legend. A fierce dance music soundtrack backs the shooting action, with exploding enemies erupting in more sound. And it all starts throbbing the further you get into it, entrancing anyone who happens to be within viewing distance of the TV. It has a happy place in the hearts of most Dreamcast fans, even though it later came out on PlayStation2…