Win an iPhone 3G loaded with Bento 2!!!


Hands up who wants to win an iPhone 3G? Well, the good news is that not one but two of you with your hands in the air are going to do just that because the chaps and chapesses over at FileMaker are running a competition to give away two of the Apple handsets fully loaded with the latest FileMaker app, Bento for iPhone and iPod touch. But don’t worry, everyone else, because there’s five £15 iTunes Gift Cards up for grabs too.

Bento is all about organising your business and personal life in the kind of way that I regularly fail to do on my own. You can use it to keep a track of your expenses, diet plan, digital media, vehicle maintenance, event planning or just simple stuff like to-do lists and adding more details to your iPhone contacts list.

So, to go with the theme of personal organization, FileMaker wants you to justify why it is they should send you a phone with Bento on it. Just how useless at organisation are you?

What you need to do is shoot a video of yourself telling them why you need Bento to sort your life out. No editing is required and low budget, handheld shooting is positively encouraged. The vids can’t be any longer than two mins and presumably the most desperate, creative and desperately creative will win the day. I’ll be on the judging panel along with fellow gadget blogger LJ Rich and one of the peeps from FileMaker, so all bribes are welcome but will go entirely unrewarded.

Good luck all. Oh, and if you don’t manage to haul the big one, you can always just buy the app anyway for £2.99.