CES 2008: Toshiba's response to Warner's Blu-ray allegiance, and what it means for the future of HD DVD

In light of the recent announcement that Warner Bros are backing Blu-ray in the high definition format war (and the subsequent cancellation of the HD DVD press conference) it's no surprise the press packed into the Toshiba press conference this morning to hear what they have to say about the supposed 'death' of HD DVD. After a quick intro from Toshiba CEO Akio Ozaka, who stressed he was "suprised by Warner Bros' announcement", the 'lucky' person who had to face the crowds and defend the format was Jodi Sally, VP of marketing for the Digital A/V department. We got it all on video for you…

Warner dumps HD DVD and goes Blu-ray exclusive! Format war over? Blu-ray triumphant?

warner-bros-dumps-hd-dvd.jpgUh-oh. Set the internet to RED ALERT – the nasty HD DVD and Blu-ray war might just be about to end, thanks to Hollywood heavyweight Warner deciding to go Blu-ray exclusive in 2008.

In a press release over on its official portal, Warner Bros. has kicked all HD DVD owners to the kerb – and announced it’s going Blu-ray exclusive from May of 2008.

The world-ending press release starts like this:

Xbox Live Video Store is up in the UK – Warner releasing more films soon

uk-video-store-review.jpgIf you’re a bit disappointed by the 24 slightly old movies that’ve just gone up on the new UK Xbox Live Video Store today, don’t cry about it – Warner will be coming to the rescue of film fans before the end of the year.

Specifically, Warner has said that Batman Begins will be up before 2008, with the older Batman Forever and Analyze That also appearing on Xbox Live before you have…

Universal Music Group takes on iTunes with Total Music subscription service

fighting-grandads.jpgThe Universal Music Group has been making it known for some time that they’re deeply unhappy with Apple’s iTunes service, with UMG’s Doug Morris and Apple’s Steve Jobs fighting with handbags more often than not.

Morris recently refused to sign up for another contract with Apple allowing their record label’s music on iTunes, due to their strict contract terms which apparently limit the company’s marketing and the fact that Apple takes 29 cents of every 99 cents paid per song owned by UMG. Instead of pulling out of Apple…

2007 Tech Trends No. 3: Blu-ray and HD DVD convergance


Third in a series of posts highlighting Tech Digest’s pick of big technology trends for the second half of 2007…

Will the rival Blu-ray and HD DVD camps make peace this side of Christmas (or even emerge from their trenches for a festive football match emulating the British and German troops in World War I? Not likely. Their battle will continue at full pelt until someone loses – mainly all the poor punters who plumped for the wrong format.