Nimbuzz to work even without 3G or Wi-Fi


Nimbuzz, who we’ve heaped praise on in the past, has signed a deal with Voxbone – a Belgian company who specialise in providing worldwide telephone numbers – so as users can still make VoIP calls even when there is no 3G or Wi-Fi coverage.

The service works by dialling a local area access number to connect to the internet over the 2G connection. This means that anyone with a 2G phone can use Nimbuzz to call their Skype or other VoiP contacts.

The service sounds perfect for PAYG customers, especially those who have some free call allowance included in their plan. It might also be useful whilst abroad, although be aware that even though roaming charges will decrease in July, it’s still not that cheap to roam.

Skype 4.1 beta brings screen sharing to your chats


At last, Skype has come up with a new version of their VoIP software that I actually want to download for reasons beyond the fact that it happens to be the latest. The Skype 4.1 beta sees the addition of screen sharing across Windows, Mac and Linux plus other trinkets like birthday reminders and a more in-depth contacts search.

Naturally, none of this costs any extra and, in case you’re worried about the privacy issue, it’s totally up to you whether you share the whole screen or just a part of it.

The birthday reminder is pretty self-explanatory – although interesting it does leave me wondering what kind of plans Skype’s cooking up for social network world domination – and the world’s favourite desktop VoIP app will now rootle through your Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL and LinkedIn profiles to find more contacts for you.

I’m downloading mine the minute I publish this. I suggest you do yours. Enjoy, and let me know what you make of it on the comments down there.

Skype 4.1 beta

Linden Lab announces Second Life in-world to out-world phone calls


Thats equal to 28,539 years. If we put those minutes end-on-end and launched them back into the mists of time, they’d reach the Pleistocene era – then they’d probably get eaten by a giant sloth, or Madonna – zing!

The success of VOIP in Second Life is marked by the fact 50% of Second Lifers, including educators, consumers and large enterprises use voice in their everyday in-world activity.

More interesting though, is the annoucment that Linden Labs, the white-coats behind the Second Life experience, are lauching a service called AVLine which allows people to make calls from a landline to a user in Second Life, and users to make calls out of Second Life to a landline – to a non-Second Life user.

“We’re launching a beta-testing programme today with the full service launching later this year,” said Linden Labs.

Does anyone else feel like the lines are starting to blur? Does anyone else feel pretty excited? Does that arouse anyone else? No? Just me then.

Star Trek Communicator VoIP handset


With the Star Trek film out on Friday, it’s high time everyone started cashing in on Kirkmania and, after Toshiba’s protective plastic, it’s now the turn of the Star Trek Communicator VoIP handset.

Now, before you get too excited, this device is a lot more useless than you might think. Yes, you can use it for Skype or whatever kind of chat service you use but only when it’s plugged into your computer via USB. There is Wi-Fi or 3G involved here.

On the plus side, if you are an incurable Trekkie, then you’ll be pleased to hear that it comes complete with 21 different communicator sounds and a six foot USB cable with which to parade your new toy about while in your Star Fleet Dressing gown and Tribble slippers.

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Skype client "technically possible" for the Nintendo DSi


The Nintendo DSi takes a step closer to becoming a mobile phone after Skype reps confirmed that a VoIP client is technically possible for the device. The company refused to confirm or deny the suggestion that it’s actively developing for the device.

It’s already possible to run VoIP software on the DS and DS Lite, via the installation of the SvSIP homebrew application, but homebrew applications are currently blocked on the DSi due to piracy worries.

Skype applications are already available on most mobile phones and the PSP, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the company had at least some form of DSi client in internal development.

Given Nintendo’s intention to build the DSi into more than just a gaming device, it’s difficult to see any reason why they wouldn’t approve such an app, unless they’re planning a VoIP client of their own, which has been rumoured.

(via Tech Radar)

Skype for the iPhone – 1 million downloads and counting


The Skype application for the iPhone hasn’t even been out a week and already they’ve clocked up over 1 million downloads for the world’s favourite VoIP service. To put that in perspective, that’s one downloads every six seconds.

Naturally, they won’t keep up this rate for long with market saturation on the horizon but it looks like Skype has shown the fastest uptake of any app for the Jobs 5800 since they started accepting external software.

Perhaps the networks have been right to fear Skype’s pulling power when it comes to undermining their profits but for more discussion on that, check out our Tech Digest podcast.