Windows 7 to be unveiled tomorrow in LA


Tomorrow at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles, Microsoft will be distributing the first copies of its new operating system, Windows 7. Details have been leaking out of Microsoft for a little while about what it’ll include, but a big dump of info has appeared in the last few hours as people close to the project start revealing its secrets…

GALLERY: Alternative Android User Interfaces

The UI on T-Mobile’s G1 was designed by a Swedish company called The Astonishing Tribe, which is a great name. Better than “Symantec” or “McAfee”, or “Microsoft”, anyway. They’ve just released a bunch of UI also-rans, so you can see what could have been. They range from the functional, to the wacky, to the cute, to the very attractive. Click the very “functional” one below to start the gallery.

The Astonishing Tribe (via Gizmodo)