.tv domain name under threat with Tuvalu sinking


Er, we could be in a spot of bother here. Techdigest.tv is in danger of disappearing. According to internet domain bagging site Godaddy, the island of Tuvalu is sinking and it’s Tuvalu to whom we owe our .tv domain name just as we owe .co.uk to the United Kingdom.

Should any country cease to exist then, according to web law, the domain must cease to exist as well. Oh dear.

Tuvalu is only 4.5m above sea level at its highest, so with climate change on the radar, it’ll be the first place to be hit badly by rising sea levels. Worse still, the island is indeed itself sinking, as Godaddy warns. Firstly, islands sink back into the sea – that’s just what they do – and secondly, there’s a large degree of compaction cause by farming methods too.

So, when it’s being attacked at both ends like that, perhaps it’s no surprise people are now being advised away from the .tv suffix, even if it does lend itself to the video form. Time to start squatting on Techdigest.something else.

(via Boing Boing)