Forget a rugby player, this Optimus Prime Transformers PC case mod will scare the stalkers off!

…and no doubt ensure you never get a boyfriend/girlfriend again.

As everyone and their Josh Duhamel-fancying girlfriend knows, a Transformer just isn’t a Transformer if it doesn’t, well, transform. Things have to do what they say on the tin now, otherwise People Get Angry.

So full points to the man stuck in his perpetual ’80s flashback who created the fully customised Optimus Prime PC case. Able to transform from a PC tower…

Animated Transformers t-shirts, not quite as cool as *actually* transforming obviously!

Four more days until the Transformers film launches in the UK! Four more days until we can feast our (sadly) mortal eyes on what is definitely the movie of the year! Well, apart from The Simpsons movie, of course. Gaaahhh I can hardly wait!

Pledge your alliance to either the Autobots or Decepticons with these animated t-shirts ($34.99) from the nerd equivalent of Ralph Lauren, Think Geek. Each t-shirt lights up…

A laptop Decepticons pine over, Haier's G70 Transformers notebook

haier-laptop-transformers.jpg As everyone should know by now (and if you don’t grrr, you’re letting Team Geek down), Transformers – THE MOVIE! – is coming out very shortly here in the UK, but those lucky yanks have had it since the 2nd. Well, at least we got Hot Fuzz first, right? Right?

Die-hards who can’t wait until the 27th for it to debut in British cinemas can snag this Transformers themed notebook from Haier. Sure, it may look like a simple ol’ decalled laptop, but roaring under the hood of the robot-in-disguise are specs even the Autobots would kill for. The G70 features a 1920 x 1200 17-inch screen, 2GB of RAM, 120GB Hard drive, runs on Intel’s PM965 chipset and has a whole bunch of other features I’m not going to pretend I understand…