Ride this Robo-Triceratops until you get (dino)sore.

Jurassic Park was a good idea. Not the ‘meddling with genetics’, ‘playing God’, and ‘being eaten alive bit’ – but the bit where the Dinosaurs come back to Earth to be used for our amusement. That is a really really good idea.

Which is why i really like this fantastic toy by Hasbro.

Called ‘Kota the Triceratops Dinosaur’ this terrible lizard is part of the Playskool range aimed at kiddies up to 3-4 years old. Now, up until seeing this, I thought Playskool made simple toys like Sticklebricks and bath-time toys like that turtle with the worried look upon it’s face.. Well, I guess simple toys just aren’t good enough for ‘Playskool’ers anymore, because Kota the Triceratops is anything but simple.

This is a robotic life-sized baby dinosaur. It walks, it squawks, it carries you around on it’s back. Talk to Kota and the thing responds by roaring, stomping it’s feet, or wiggling it’s tail. It has independent head, eye, mouth and horn movements. In fact, this animatronic dino wouldn’t have looked out of place on the set of Jurassic Park. Okay, it would. It really would, but you get the idea. This is one highly advanced toddler toy.

The mysterious thing called "Luminodot" that we would very much like to have

It’s manufactured by Bandai, released in Japan, available to buy on Amazon Japan and, according to this site, seems to be a modern remake of an old Bandai toy called the Neon Brute.

Those are the only in-English facts we’ve been able to track down regarding this fascinating little device called Luminodot. Regardless of the lack of information, we’re feeling a significant amount of desire for this. Look at it. We would like a Luminodot based simply on how nice its case is and all the pretty colours.


It seems to be powered by you putting little plastic pegs into holes, creating a sort of neon Etch-a-Sketch…

Lift your hamsters with this £30 robotic arm from Red 5


This, my friends, is what you’ve been waiting for. No, not Rock Band launching in the UK, this robotic arm!

Enabling you to lift, grip, grasp and twist your assorted paraphernalia (chocolates? desk knick-knacks? hamsters?), you have to initially build it yourself, but once it’s complete you can lift up to 100g of goodies, and if nighttime-lifting is your forte, then the LED light shall assist you. It’s available on pre-order…

The Halo 3 My Little Pony is the best freakin' thing I've seen on the net all week


I’m not ashamed to admit I played with My Little Pony toys as a kiddywink, but I also played with LEGO and Scalextric if that redeems me. As you can imagine, this Halo-themed pony has pleased me greatly.

Your daughter/niece/stolen Madeleine McCann might not appreciate being presented with a Master Chief lookalike, but the Custom Pony competition judges over in Kentucky, USA sure did, awarding the designer second place. Created using…

Treat yourself to an 18" voice-controlled Dalek for all your crazy Doctor Who gatherings

I really wanted to put a life-size image of the 18″ Dalek to accompany this post, and could, due to the SUPER HI-RES image the company provided me with, but unfortunately Tardis says no. Oh, wrong cult TV show quotage? Whoops…

With a couple of in-built operating modes (including voice-programmable movement for all your sordid pornographic requirements), this 18-incher…