Touch-screenless Nokia N95 hacked with NeuScreen multi-touch screen

The N95 may be one of the closest handsets to rival the iPhone in terms of applications, however it lacks one rather important element: a touch-screen. Sure, we may be seeing a touch-screen mobile from Nokia later in the year, but who knows if it will have the same amount of beef inside it as the N95.

That’s why we’re so thrilled with developer Sittiphol Phanvilai, who has modded an N95 with multi-touch. Using a TV Out, UV lightpens, a flat-screen monitor and UV-filtering film, you can see the awesome results in the video above….

NEC's "Flask" fuel cell-powered mobile phone

nec-flask-fuel-cell-mobile.jpgThe future has arrived!

Sadly, the future looks like a 1970s disposable cigarette lighter, thanks to NEC’s incredibly odd-looking Flask mobile phone and its glimpse into one possible future of mobile phone design and power.

The screen is transparent, as are the buttons, with everything else transparent and it all just sort of sitting there on the case. It must be using some sort of alien technology…

Eee PC hack of the day – touch screen!

Can’t everyone just leave the poor little thing alone? The latest shameful example of Eee PC abuse comes from this guy who has installed one of those achingly fashionable touch screens onto the mini laptop.

He used a $60 touch screen kit he got off eBay, fitting it between the screen and its housing. He then presumably also used quite a lot of brain and technical knowledge to get it all working.


Samsung Armani mobile confirmed as the SGH-P520 touch-screen

Boo hiss. So much for our wild speculation months ago that the rumoured Samsung Armani mobile would be the F700, or ‘Croix’, as it’s recently been branded. Concrete information, such as photos and a long string of model numbers no-one could every possibly remember have been leaked online, and we can reveal it’s simply a disappointing high-end version of their SGH-P520, a touch-screen mobile that hit tech blog headlines earlier this year…

Tech Digest to live-blog Apple's product announcement tonight, 6PM GMT

As everyone and their grandmother can tell you, there’s a super-secret Apple product launch happening tonight, and as ‘super-secret’ implies, no-one really knows what will be announced. Sure, there’s rumours circling thar intarwebs faster than it takes a Microsoft fanboy to say “yeh well the Zune 2.0 will be available in pink”, but nothing’s been set in concrete as yet.

Alex from Shiny Shiny, and yours truly from Tech Digest will be heading over to the BBC studios tonight to watch a live broadcast via satellite of Steve Jobs’s conference in California and will be merrily live-blogging the night away. So, keep pressing F5 on our live-blog post here at Tech Digest, as we’ll be updating every few minutes.

Want to hear some of those kuuuuraaaazy rumours the Apple kids have been spreading in the last few weeks? Read on below the jump for some of the best….

LG Prada KE850 touch-screen mobile phone to be revamped and lose Prada logo?

pradaprada2.jpg Back in March this year I flew to Milan with LG to celebrate the launch of the LG Prada KE850 touch-screen mobile, and whilst chatting to a head honcho from the company, he let it slip that they were considering revamping the handset and even dropping the Prada affiliation, even before the launch of the first model.

Not particularly shocking, as I’m sure there’s plenty of gadget-loving fiends out there who lust after the KE850’s smooth curves and complete touch-screen experience, but don’t want to risk being mocked by their jeans-n-jumper wearing unfashionista friends…