Microsoft still umming and arring over Yahoo bid, decision expected today


A takeover of Yahoo would be the biggest acquisition in Microsoft’s history and it isn’t about to rush in willy-nilly. Of course, the Redmond giant happily gobbles up smaller companies without batting an eye-lid – the monster corporation probably already ate three before its power-brunch this morning.

However, Yahoo’s refusal of its $41.8bn (£21bn) bid and the passing of the April 26th deadline means that Microsoft has to give up and walk away, increase its offer or start getting hostile…

The waters are getting decidedly murky in the Microsoft-Yahoo takeover, with News Corp looking keen


Microsoft’s courtship of Yahoo became a little less than friendly over the weekend following Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s ultimatum, which included a three week deadline and a threat to usurp Yahoo’s board of directors. Now Yahoo appears to be seeking comfort in the arms of others in order to forestall the takeover while Microsoft is apparently finding more allies to strengthen its advances…

Icelandic band Sigur Ros 'taking over' YouTube tomorrow, in world first


My reliable US tipster has informed me that in the UK tomorrow, Sigur Ros will be performing a ‘take-over’ of YouTube, screening their full-length documentary ‘Heima’.

Filmed in Iceland last year, it will feature the band performing in fish factories, halls, caves and other manner of odd venues, as they reinforce their oddball electronica tag.

It’s a first for YouTube, giving a band control of the homepage, which will also show ten videos of their choice, along with a video…

Yahoo! says "no" to Microsoft – thinks it's worth more than $45 billion

yahoo-says-no-to-microsoft.jpgYahoo! rejected Microsoft’s friendly buyout offer over the weekend, saying that MS’s $45bn offer “massively undervalues” the Yahoo! brand.

Clearly still thinking it’s 1997 and Google doesn’t exist yet, Yahoo! is apparently sticking out for $40 a share – a significant increase on Microsoft’s $31 offer. That would result in MS having to turn Bill Gates upside down and shake out another $12 billion to get the deal signed…