Remastered Star Trek as CBS comes to Freesat


See Mr Spock and Captain Kirk as they were meant to be seen warts and all as the digitally remastered version of the original Star Trek comes to Freesat. Three new CBS channels are due to launch on Freesat, November 16 – CBS Drama, CBS Reality and CBS Action – replacing Zone Romantica, Zone Reality and Zone Thriller.

Other classic shows on the three channels include Dynasty, Moonlighting and Models Inc. Freesat, the subscription-free satellite TV service offers over 140 channels and free high-definition (HD) programmes from the BBC and ITV. CBS Drama, CBS Reality and CBS Action will be on channels 135, 136 and 137 respectively.

Nokia 5800 Star Trek edition beams down


It’s a handset, Jim, but not as we know it. Nokia are releasing a limited edition version of the 5800 ‘Tube’ with Star Trek branding all over it, to coincide with the release of J.J. Abrahms’ Star Trek movie.

Available exclusively from Phones 4U stores, the handset will include four special animated screensavers, three wallpapers, eight ringtones, including ‘red alert’ and ‘phazer shot’, and there’s also a special ‘Phazer’ application.

It’ll come in blue, red and black/silver, and will be free on £25/month contracts from May 1st. No word on how much they’ll be charging for Data, or whether it’ll have N-Gage functionality. Beam me up, Nokkie.


Humans and Klingons brought together via the medium of the Cherry Klingon Language Wired Keyboard


Turns out we have a lot more in common with our Klingon friends than we first thought.

Klingons like a nice big Enter key on the right to make typing easier, just like us. They also enjoy a big Space bar, plus it looks like they have evolved a similar aesthetic of placing the ‘Esc’ key at the top-left and sticking a range of Function keys that go from about F1 to F12 along the top for easy access to features.

Klingons also like to use a separate numeric keypad…