Toshiba will be showing off capacious SSD at CES


If you needed any more evidence that solid-state-drives (SSDs) will be taking over from traditional hard drives pretty damn soon, then here it is. Toshiba’s developed an SSD that’s 512GB – twice the size of their recently launched 256GB model.

SSDs use fast flash memory for storage, rather than the traditional mechanical magnetic platter which is slower and more prone to failure. This particular drive uses 43-nanometer Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND flash technology to cram those gigabytes into a 2.5″ enclosure.

Tosh will also be offering 256GB, 128GB and 64GB drives, each in a choice of 1.8″ or 2.5″ enclosures.They’ll be available sometime between April and June, but they’ll be shown off at CES in January. No pricing info yet.

Toshiba (via Cnet)

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Micron Technology promises 1GB/s+ SSD drive within a year


Micron Technology is an American company wthat makes various semiconductor devices – RAM, flash memory, etc. It’s just announced that it reckons it will be able to build a blazing-fast Solid State Drive before the end of next year that’ll be able to transfer data at rates of up to 1GB/s.

Currently, they’ve managed to hit 800MB/s throughput, and 150,000 – 160,000 random reads per second. They’re hoping to get that latter figure up to 200,000. For comparison, the current fastest-available SSD, from Intel, can do 250MB/s data transfers and just 35,000 operations per second.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that this tech will be in your laptop next year. It’ll take a little while longer than that, and initially only be available for servers, but if anything, it shows that the rapid pace of innovation continues in the world of flash storage.

Micron Technology (via Computer World)

New SSD modules to give Eee PCs eight times more storage


The sight of black chips on green printed circuit boards is normally as lovely to my eyes as watching the sunset across the ocean, but this image brings a particularly warm glow to my heart.

These are the new SSD modules, from Green-House, specially designed for the Eee PC. So, if you’re sick of your 4GB and 8GB options – which I’m sure you are – then how about splashing out on the 32GB…

Toshiba makes small thing bigger on the inside – 250GB SSD on the way this year


Toshiba’s bulking up its solid-state drive range and boosting the capacity of its 2.5″ model – so the cheap little netbooks of the world can come with more storage space without straining their little batteries too much.

The new 256GB solid-state drive will “roll out” of the Tosh factory in the fourth quarter of 2008, ideal for those exciting Christmas presents containing ultra-portable mini PCs. With a read speed of 120MBps and a write speed of 70MBps thanks to its 3.0-Gbps SATA connection…

Toshiba Portégé R500 now offered with 128 SSD


Toshiba’s slinky little Portégé R500 notebook has just received some after-release love, in the shape of a 128GB solid state drive.

Up until now, you and I have had to put up with its paltry 64GB drive, which has ensured its world’s lightest and thinnest title (well, before the MacBook Air came along and ruined it all). The new weight of the notebook looks to be 979g, with the original…