iPod touch vs Sony Walkman X Series vs Samsung P3



Apple’s iPod touch has some serious rivals in the form of the Sony Walkman X Series and Samsung P3 PMPs.

Which one stacks up as the best for music, video, and all round appeal? Read on as the Tech Digest guide pits these mighty touchscreen handsets against one another.

Battle of the Specs: Feature Comparison

Let’s leave aside fanboy love for Apple and Sony (does Samsung have fanboys too? I’m not sure) and take a look at how the main features stack up.

This is top-of-the-line stuff. If you want detailed specifications you’d better skip to the end of the page.


For pure real estate, the iPod touch trumps both the Walkman X Series and the P3, with a 3.5-inch display compared to just 3-inch for the others.

However, when it comes to aspect ratio, the Samsung’s screen is 16:9 — perfectly suited for widescreen video — whereas the Sony has a rather bizarre 9:5 aspect ratio and the touch 3:2.

That means, in raw resolution terms, the touch (480 x 320) trumps the P3 (480 x 272) which trumps the X Series (432 x 240).

Having said all that, Sony’s screen is based on OLED technology for a much brighter, crisper display than the other two handsets…

BlackBerry 9300 "Gemini" specs trickle out


It looks as if RIM is lining up its next BlackBerry on the world. The 9300, codenamed “Gemini”, thankfully returns to the world of 3G. Other details gleaned include a larger, higher resolution screen than the BlackBerry 8900, better CPU, more rounded keyboard but with overall similar styling to the 8900 and Storm, and likely to have both Wi-Fi and GPS.

The bad news is that it may not be available for another year. That’s the problem with all this speculation — lots of pictures and likely specs, but not so much as a sniff of the handset for aeons…

BlackBerry Javelin: Picture and basic details leaked online


It’s tough being a BlackBerry fan. You just get over the excitement that the BlackBerry Bold can be yours on Orange and T-Mobile and then you discover leaked pictures of future BlackBerry devices.

Reports online suggest the BlackBerry Javelin is due out sometime next year, along with the Thunder. You can tell that the photograph is both leaked and official because it has the word “CONFIDENTIAL” stamped across it…