Glow away in blue with this USB LED light tube speaker


There’s no shortage of things you can plug in to a spare USB port these days, but this looks a little more classy than a humping dog, and it plays your tunes, too.

Brando’s USB LED Light Tube Speaker offers stereo sound, a built-in blue LED tube (funny that), and is powered from the USB port, so no need for mains power. Use the audio lead to plug in to PC, laptop, or MP3 player, and you’re away…

Integrated iPod docking speaker system with a difference – Voix's slim MPX set-up


Voix – no, not the social networking site – has announced an upgrade to their set of glossy black speakers with integrated iPod dock, the MPX 2.1 system, which we first saw early 2007.

With two twiggy speakers measuring a metre tall, they’ll accompany your flat-screen TV perfectly, pumping 72 watts through each unit, which both contain integrated subwoofers within the base delivering 36 watts each. The dock can take most…

Hack your vinyl toy collection, turn a Munny into a speaker


I can’t believe I haven’t ever seen this before, or even thought of doing it to one of my many Munny, Qee, or Bearbrick vinyl toys. A chap over at Instructables has put up his instructions on how to melt the face off a Munny, and insert a speaker in its place.

He used a pair of 3″ Tang Band bamboo fiber cones, however depending on how big your chosen toy is (I’m eyeing off one of my 9″ Qees currently), you could really choose any size of cone for the job…