MWC 2009: Solio Communicator – a solar-powered hands-free kit


Tucked away amongst the smaller stands at MWC 2009, slightly crowded out by the Samsungs and Nokias of this world, is a little company called “Better Energy Systems”. They have a subsidiary called Solio, who make solar-powered kit for mobile phones.

You might have heard of them – a quick browse of Solio’s site suggests that Saol – a Masai Junior Elder from IIkinye Village in Kenya – is a power user, as is Ian Davis, from the Polar Challenge expedition. Best of all is the picture of President Barack Obama looking decidedly overwhlemed when being presented with his Solio Classic.

But this post is about the Solio Communicator, which by all accounts is a rather novel product. It’s a hands-free kit, but charges with solar power, so you just stick it to your car window and never think about the battery ever again.

If you live in some Arctic climes where you don’t get sun very much for half the year, then it’s also chargable off the cigarette lighter port, a USB port or a wall adaptor. It’s compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones, and will retail for €80 (£70ish). Available mid 2009.

CES 2008: NRG solar charging docks

I was accosted by a well-meaning PR gentleman this afternoon, vying for my attention in the hordes of other journalists. With a quick glance at his products, I tried to fob him off, then had a proper look and realised they were actually pretty neat. Not only that, but they’re helping save the environment with their eco-friendliness, and to ignore them would be a sin.

The company has a couple of different docking stations available, built for either the home or apartment, plus a…