Void in life filled by Mario toys

It’s OK. This makes everything OK. No matter how much you have spent on Sonic The Hedgehog plushes and Transformers action figures over the last 10 years, there is always someone out there who is in significantly deeper. Whoever owns this is in over their head. There is no way back to normal society from here.

This little lot is what you would generously describe as “quite a few” Nintendo toys. There would appear to be some duplicates in the collection, but that just adds to the sense of deep, tragic waste of money and a life.


I mustn’t laugh too much. If you changed…

Man "portablizes" Super Nintendo

It’s a beautiful piece. The cheap case gives it a pleasingly utilitarian early-1990s design appearance, with simplistic buttons that you could easily believe Nintendo would’ve chucked into a handheld SNES – had it bothered to make one back in the day. And look at that chunky power button. Imagine the satisfying click it makes.

The poor guy started the portable SNES project last Christmas and eventually finished it last week. Here’s how it turned out.


The chap used an off-the-shelf plastic case to whack most of the SNES bits in…