GALLERY: Fun with the Nintendo DSi's camera

The headline feature of the Nintendo DSi is that it’s now packing a couple of low-resolution cameras. Because there aren’t currently any games that support the feature, Nintendo’s built some fun camera software into the device that will let do silly stuff with pictures.

So we thought we’d show you what you can do with it. You also get to meet the residents of Shiny Towers. Click into the post to begin.

The NEW LOOK TECH DIGEST goes live tonight!!!!!


Ok people, listen up, brace yourselves and batten down the hatches because tonight we launch the new, improved and 100% redesigned Tech Digest. Yes, you heard me. Take your screen shots and a long, last look because the site as we know it will go down at 8pm GMT to emerge an altogether smoother, sexier creature by 9pm.

Technology and blogging being what they are, don’t be surprised if it’s not the world’s smoothest transition but we’ll have whatever unexpected creases that arrive ironed out very quickly.

All that remains for me to say is, once it’s up, have a good nose around and enjoy it. See you on the other side…

Top 10 Tuesday: Best Christmas Gadgets

Welcome to Top 10 Tuesday's Best Christmas Gadgets. I know it's Wednesday but I forgot to post this yesterday and I couldn't sit on a red hot feature like this for another six days.

So, a little unconventionally is TD's TTT of all the best kit to make the festive period as brilliant and ludicrously techie as it can possibly be.

SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: Noise-proof headphones test

Annoyed with your current headphones? Bothered by people yapping and eating Rice Crispies on the bus in the morning, and need to replace the crappy pair of earbuds that came bundled with your MP3 player? You need to see this video.

Lucy, Zara and I tested out some of the noise cancelling and noise isolating earphones on the market. Dan made some noise. You can see the results above – the Shure SE102s won out, thanks to their low price and extreme effectiveness. Highly recommended.

Shure SE102s

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