JOY Internet stands up for rights of British Internet users


Following yesterday’s news that Virgin Media is planning to crack down on illegal downloaders, new UK startup JOY Internet has vowed to stand up for the rights of UK Internet users.

“We’re totally against this collusion between the British Phonographic Industry [BPI] and Virgin Media,” said JOY’s Managing Director, Ken Jowes. “We don’t advocate the mass illegal downloading of music and film, but we believe that innocent people will have their Internet connections terminated, without recourse. Those downloading small amounts of content for personal use will also be criminalised, when the real problem of organised gangs working from outside the UK is totally ignored. That’s why we’ve set up JOY Internet.”…

Is the free mobile video service Vtap worth the two minutes it takes to download?


The above photos were taken of my HTC Touch mobile, running a new service called Vtap, which offers video content direct to your mobile handset.

As you can see, the results on my phone were particularly unattractive to say the least, but that could be due to the GPRS internet connectivity and the actual handset’s performance. Downloading the small file was relatively painless, however navigating around the Vtap site proved much more challenging. With the offered videos on the home page being decidedly unappealing, you have to really search for anything that interests you…

Superimpose your face onto Jack Bauer's, when Oddcast gets its act together and launches


TechCrunch remains one of my favourite blogs, for bringing brilliant new web 2.0 start-ups to my attention, like Oddcast’s 3D Videostar service.

It hasn’t launched yet, but it allows you to superimpose your face (or anyone’s face, really…) over an actor’s face in movie clips. Thus, your desire to be John McClane in Die Hard is fulfilled.

It hasn’t launched yet, and there’s no word as to the date when we can all get busy starring in our favourite films, but I’m sure TechCrunch will let us know, via Arrington releasing a clip of him as David Bowie in Labyrinth. *shudder*…

Afghanistan may find itself without mobile coverage due to the Taliban's demands

Citizens of Afghanistan may find themselves without mobile phone coverage fairly soon, if Taliban rebels have anything to say about it.

They’re calling upon the network providers to cease operation between the hours of 5pm and 7am every night, as they claim Allied troops are able to locate Taliban members by hacking into the networks.

Four major networks are being targeted, the Roshan, Areeba, Etisalat and Afghan Wireless Communication Company. If the…

Hulu, purported 'YouTube killer' to show Heroes and 24 for free, and legally

hula-hoop.jpgKiller this, killer that, blah blah blah this site will kill off that site, aren’t we all getting a bit sick of these murderous new sites and products? Still, it’s Halloween, so a good time to report on a potential YouTube ‘killer’, Hulu.

From today, the site being backed by NBC Universal and News Corp., will begin a private beta, featuring content from Sony Pictures Television, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. When it fully launches, it’ll be free to viewers, with revenue being made through advertising on the 90-odd TV shows. Big-name shows such as Heroes, House, 24 and The Simpsons will be featured alongside retro throw-backs like Miami Vice and…

*Yawn* The Who launches paid-for subscription site with access to whole back catalogue

the-who-glastonbury.jpgThere’s certainly something in the Hollywood drinking water of late, with musical acts from Nine Inch Nails to Kylie Minogue taking their assaults on our eardrums online. The most recent band to get in on the act is The Who, who have announced they’re launching a new subscription site, aptly How novel!

It’s been in beta for a few months now, but on the 5th of November, it’ll officially launch, with baby-boomers asked to cough up $50 a year to become a ‘Wholigan’ to get their mitts on lots of exclusive goodies. It’s a huge ask of dedicated fans, as they’ll be receiving…