KEF launches Instant Theatre series with seven new high-end systems

kef-520-silver.jpgThe audio maestros over at KEF have been busy little workers by the looks of things, with today’s news that their new Instant Theatre series is comprised of seven new home systems.

The KEF Instant Theatre series (KIT) set-ups each come with either two or five main loudspeakers, a subwoofer (with integrated power amplifier) and compact DVD/CD player, with that crazy little thing called love HDMI technology inside.

Each system is available in glossy black or matt silver, and feature just a single cable between components, so won’t be spoiling your minimalist living room aesthetics anytime soon….

Shiny Video Review: Sony Vaio TZ21

The obvious trend for laptops is slimming them down to size-zero models, and considering it’s London Fashion Week here this week, it makes sense to show you Sony’s latest Vaio, the TZ21. It’s got in-built HSDPA connectivity, and is ultra-portable at just 1.24kg. Prices start at around £1,799, and if you pre-order one now, you’re likely to get it in early October.

Sony TZ Series…

CEDIA expo 2007: JVC V-series LCD TVs

Yesterday at CEDIA 2007 I grabbed ahold of JVC’s man of the hour, Steven Carter, to discuss their latest range of TVs, the V-series. With two options (the 42″ model being released in July, for £1,500, and the 47″ model – yes, you read that right, a 47″ LCD telly, those crazy kids at JVC are thinking outside of the box, coming in at £2,000 in August), they’re for those large of lounge and deep of pockets…