Forget running it on an iPhone, Samsung hopes to offer Second Life on mobiles


You might be able to get Second Life to run on your iPhone, but due to various problems involved in that process, I’d suggest you maybe flog your iBrick on eBay, go buy a Samsung. If you’re that obsessive about Second Life, which I bet you are if you’ve read this far.

They’re showing a demo over at CTIA this week, and hope to release the technology by the end of the year, along with an integrated blogging platform and easy communication between you and your Second Life elves/fairies/warlords through text and voicemail. An interesting idea, but chances are…

Sussex University replicates itself in Second Life


It’s all been a bit quiet on Second Life news recently (you know how much we love Facebook these days). The rush of companies and organisations setting up shop in the virtual world may have died down, but Sussex University has decided to build a presence there.

The “island” looks like the real campus, and visitors can go to the library, attend online seminars, or visit the Students’ Union…

JFK assassination to be recreated in Second Life


I still think the Martians killed President Kennedy. It makes sense if you think about it: maybe they did possess magic bullets capable of zinging around right angles and defying the laws of physics. And if the shots came from space, that would explain why they couldn’t be traced. Really, it makes perfect sense. I’m writing a book about it. But in the meantime, conspiracy theorists wanting a new spin on the Kennedy assassination can now visit a virtual version of Dealey Plaza in Second Life.