Garmin intros rugged nüvi 500 Series portable navigation device


Garmin has introduced its “Rugged Navigation” nüvi 500 Series of Portable Navigation Devices, equally at home directing you whether you’re walking, cycling, scootering, driving, or boating, thanks to NavTeq’s mapping data and the ability to accept different types of mapping including TOPO for outdoor navigation and Blue Chart cartography for marine usage.

The nüvi 500 Series devices are fully waterproof, can be easily fitted to a scooter or bicycle, and are made from UVA/UVB and fuel resistant materials. It features a 3.5-inch colour touchscreen, and removable, rechargeable battery…

Sony saving us money for once – adds local garage petrol prices to its satnav displays


With it now costing more to drive to the shops than you spend on food when you get there, this little GPS innovation from Sony could be the answer to saving literally several pence a month.

Sony’s taken its Japanese PetaMap system and added support for local petrol price data – which can then be viewed on your Sony GPS system, letting users shave fractions of a yen off the price of each litre – just like the UK-based…

"Michael, turn left in 50 metres" – Knight Rider KITT-themed satnav on the way


GPS company Mio is producing a Knight Rider-themed in-car GPS device that looks – and sounds – like good old KITT. It will be on the Christmas present list of every man over 30 this year.

The pulsing flashing red lights up both sides of the unit are a nice touch, but there’s one extra magical feature inside. Maker Mio is believed to be getting William Daniels – the original voice of KITT – onboard to provide the spoken driving instructions…

British village wants to opt out of GPS system

gps-wedmore-removed.jpgLorries. Lots of lorrries. Lorries facing the wrong way and having to turn around in their back yards. Angry lorry drivers. Life turned LIVING HELL.

Those are the mass complaints of the inhabitants of the once-sleepy village of Wedmore – a village which has been turned into a HELL HOLE thanks to the amount of traffic GPS systems are throwing through its narrow streets…