Vivendi and Activision merger is official; bow to your new gaming overlord, Activision Blizzard


Following shareholder consent and a nod of approval from the European Commission, the planned merger between video games publishers Activision and Vivendi is now go. The new corporate behemoth is going by the name Activision Blizzard, chosen for Vivendi’s Blizzard Entertainment subsidiary which is responsible for a little indie outfit called World of Warcraft.

Motley Crue single downloaded FIVE TIMES more in Rock Band than on iTunes


If you pay attention, read regularly and maybe even take down some notes every once in a while, you may recall an update we did based around reformed dad-rockers Motley Crue releasing a single in the game Rock Band.

This was clearly a clever marketing ploy designed to help the ageing band reach “the youth” – and boy, did it ever work. The play-along Rock Band version of Motley Crue’s single sold FIVE TIMES as many…

Motley Crue to release new single via Rock Band


What is it with ageing rockers and cutting-edge music distribution schemes? Last month we revealed that Def Leppard was releasing a single via Guitar Hero III, now “The Crue” is releasing its new track exclusively via rival music game Rock Band.

Motley Crue’s single is called ‘Saints of Los Angeles’ and it’ll appear on the American Rock Band download list next Tuesday, for the equivalent of 99 cents – on both Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation…

Shiny Video Preview: Kat plays Rock Band for the first time

Yesterday, as promised, I got hands-on with Rock Band. Now, this will be old news for our US readers, but I was so excited, after waiting months and months for a chance.

It has been given a release date here in the UK of May 23rd, with the price looking set to start at £130…just for the instruments. Take a look in the video above to see me trying my hand at each of the instruments, including the microphone.

WARNING: I am extremely tone-deaf and have never done karaoke sober before. Watch at your own risk.

Rock Band confirmed for UK Xbox 360 launch, May 23rd – about bloody time!


OH MY GOODNESS! The only details you need to know…

– Rock Band will be released in the UK on May 21st on the Xbox 360
– It will contain the 58 US tracks, plus four UK exclusives
-These are ‘Beetlebum’ by Blur, ‘Rock n Roll Star’ by Oasis, ‘Monsoon’ by Tokio Hotel, and ‘Hysteria’ from Tokio Hotel
– Extra tracks will be available for 160 Microsoft Points.

MAY 21ST, PEOPLE. Lock it in!…

Rock Band heading to American Wiis in June… aren't we forgetting something?


Hey! Harmonix? Harmooooonix!! Hey, over here! Over here a second! Come on man, it’s us…. the rest of the world. You remember us, right? All those crazy accents, the weird food, the better cars? Yeah those ones. Well, we’d mightily appreciate a copy of that there game you’re selling… That’s it, Rock Band. Pretty please?

But apparently Harmonix ain’t selling. While Rock Band’s debut outside North America is no longer expected until around September time, the developer is merrily gearing up for the Wii version’s release on June 22nd…