How to: Fix your parents' PC remotely with TeamViewer

Teamviewer did a fantastic job this morning when I used to it to help my Dad troubleshoot a network issue. Despite him living in a remote village in eastern France, I was able to quickly and securely view his desktop. If I’d wanted to, I’d have been able to conduct a presentation, transfer a file, or join a VPN.

All he needed to do was install a small program, and give me a userID and password. Seriously – if my Dad could manage it, then it can’t have been tricky. It’s free for non-commercial use, and very functional. I can’t recommend it enough.

Now all you need to know is how to actually fix the damn thing. For that, I recommend this guide from Lifehacker. Good luck, and don’t forget to set their homepage to Tech Digest when you’re done.


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Peripheral company Nyko bravely waves its Wii Wand in the face of Nintendo's legal team


Is Nyko allowed to do this? Can it really be completely OK for it to make such an inch-perfect clone of Nintendo’s Wii Remote and then sell it to people like it’s its own idea?

Apparently so, as the Nyko Wii Wand was freely displayed above-the-counter at CES 2009, and no police were called to have it seized and taken away. Matching the size, functionality and layout of the standard Wii Remote precisely, Nyko also reckons its offering is better than Nintendo’s, thanks to “Trans-Port technology” – which lets…

Jailbreak into your car with the first car-key/mobile phone hybrid device


We’ve seen the phone/oyster card hybrid, and the barcode scanner/phone hybrid, and we’ve long had mp3 cameras and cameras built into our phones. Enough? Not for Japan. Their attitude is “let’s see what else we can cram in there!”. They’ve put your car key into your mobile. At the moment it only works with Nissan vehicles, but it can remotely lock or unlock your car, as well as starting or stopping the engine. It’s not on the market yet, but they’ll be demonstrating it at the CEATAC conference in Tokyo on Sept 30th.

Sanyo bringing wireless battery charging to Nintendo Wii Remotes


Wireless electricity. Another wild gadget fantasy, only this is a fantasy MADE REAL in recent years thanks to the arrival of special batteries and charging pads.

Sanyo has announced it’s bringing this (possibly alien) wireless charging technology to Wii, using a variant of the fantastic Eneloop battery and a “magnetic induction” (MAGIC for short) pad. So, instead of…

Messiah's Darklite PS3 DVD/Blu-ray remote

The Darklite remote is a very nice little thing for controlling your PS3 with, if you’ve fallen into Sony’s trap of using it to watch films rather than play games. It has the double excitement of backlit buttons that light up AND a glowing circle, which will mesmerise all who see it.

The receiver unit has to be plugged into PS3, though, which might ruin the lines of your super-minimalist futuristic lounge, but other than that it’s all very pretty.