Elsewhere in exciting financial news – Motorola is getting HAMMERED

motorola-profits-down-2007.jpgSo first this week we had Apple saying it’s made loads of money, then we had analysts saying Microsoft’s about to announce it’s made loads of money too. Happy days!

So where’s all this money coming from?

It’s being hacked off Motorola’s bottom line, pretty much, with the company reporting a whopping 33% drop in sales in 2007 compared to 2006, with mobile sales raking in a total of $4.8 billion…

Microsoft is making money too – and even Vista's starting to take off

microsoft-profits-vista-office.jpgAs well as Apple bragging about how much money it’s raked in so far this year, Microsoft is expected to announce some rather pretty upwards-pointing graphs this week too.

Analysts are predicting a huge 66% rise in profits for MS over the last year, as despite the numerous financial disasters going on around the globe people are still buying new computers so their internet loads faster and World of Warcraft looks a bit prettier…

Apple rakes in $831 from every iPhone sold

iphone-revenue.jpgiPhone’s exclusive American operator AT&T ends up paying out $18 a month to Apple just for the privilege of stocking the thing, thanks to data revealed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Plus iPhone doesn’t come with any old mobile contract – poor Americans are LOCKED DOWN into it for a full two years, hence all the fuss about unlocking it. Then you’ve got the price of the phone itself on top of that. It all comes to $831 winging its way to Apple…